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Epidural injections are a fast-acting treatment for pain that doesn’t go away with conservative therapies or oral medications. Joseph Ho, MD, and Weiwah Rob Kwok, MD, at Premier Pain Consultants in Fullerton, California, use epidural injections to help patients manage their neck and back pain and enjoy restored mobility. If the pain in your neck or back is becoming unbearable, call or schedule a consultation online at Premier Pain Consultants to find out if an epidural injection can help you.

Epidural Q & A

What is an epidural?

An epidural is a form of pain management treatment that’s injected into the area around your spine and can help alleviate general neck and back pain. Also known as an epidural steroid injection, the injected substance is usually made up of two components: a corticosteroid and an anesthetic. The corticosteroid acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing the inflammation that’s causing your pain to persist. The anesthetic makes the area numb.

The outer layer of the spinal canal is called the epidural space. Epidural steroid injections are injected into this space as close to the source of your pain as possible. Even if the exact source of your pain can’t be identified, an epidural can help your doctor pinpoint the region that it’s coming from.

How should I prepare for my epidural?

At your consultation, your doctor gives you instructions for how to prepare for your epidural injection appointment.  These instructions may include:

  • Avoid eating and drinking for 6 hours leading up to the appointment, if sedation is given
  • Change your medication schedule (especially blood thinners) if necessary
  • Go to the bathroom before the procedure
  • Have a friend or relative ready to drive you home when you are done

The procedure is pretty simple, and your appointment takes about 1-2 hours. Plan to spend a bit of extra time in the office afterward to rest and recover before you go home.

Are epidurals safe?

When performed correctly, epidurals are usually extremely safe as thousands of these epidural injections are performed daily across the country.  At Premier Pain Consultants, these procedures are typically performed under fluoroscopy, or x ray guidance. This will improve the safety, accuracy, and results of the injections as well as reducing any possible risks.  

If you have concerns about the safety of an epidural procedure, Dr. Ho or Dr. Kwok can answer all of your questions and help you weigh your treatment options before your injection appointment.

Neck and back pain can distract you from the parts of your life that matter the most. To learn more about epidurals for managing this pain, call Premier Pain Consultants today or schedule a consultation online.

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