Conditions Treated & Procedures Performed


  • Types Of Pain Treated

     Back pain

     Neck pain

     Vertebral compression fractures

     Herniated discs


     Spinal stenosis

     Arthritis pain

     Muscle and joint pain (shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain)

     Carpal tunnel syndrome


     Work or sports-related injuries

     Cancer pain

     Pelvic pain

     Trigeminal neuralgia

     Nervous system disorders

     Traumatic injuries

     Spasticity management


    Types Of Procedures Offered

     Epidural steroid injection

     Transforaminal epidural steroid injection

     Sacroiliac joint injection

     Medial branch nerve block

     Facet joint injection

     Joint (hip, knee, shoulder, etc.) Injection

     Radiofrequency ablation

     Spinal cord stimulator placement

     Trigger point injection

     Saphenous nerve block under ultrasound for knee pain

     Trigeminal nerve block


     Neurolysis of peripheral nerve

     Stellate ganglion block

     Peripheral nerve block

     Celiac plexus block

     Hypogastric plexus block

     Ganglion impar block

     Greater trochanter bursa injection

     Minimally invasive lumbar decompression

     Lumbar sympathetic block

     Intrathecal infusion pump placement


What we offer